Vst general midi download

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Vst general midi

Does anybody know of a descent VST Instrument that has the General Midi sounds? I need it in order to easily play midi files that I get off the. Okay so far I have downloaded the demo for SAMPLELORD. Yesterday, I successfully loaded a General MIDI soundfont bank, and using the. General MIDI VST REAPER Q&A, Tips, Tricks and Howto.

U have racks of hardware synths, some of which do General Midi, but What I'd like to have is a free (or cheap) VST plugin General Midi synth. What do people use as a 'General MIDI' plugin with Cantabile to create a GM virtual multi-timbral sound module i.e. have all of the GM. I'm finding all these crazy synths to use with my MIDI controller with crazy sounds. . but I'm just looking for some general midi or similar (strings.

Sonar has this little DXi that has all the regular general MIDI stick in a VST that already knows what GM Program 73 is (for example) and. Hello everyone! I stumbled upon some old files produced with NI Bandstand in an old PC I had That makes me wonder: What people use.