Dstool ps3 download

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Dstool ps3

There may be interface issues, and some annoying banner ads, but DS3 Tool runs smoothly and allows those who prefer PlayStation 3 controllers to use them . Use your Playstation 3 controller on your computer. MotioninJoy icon Michael Zacharias · Mz Game Accelerator. Easily increase your. MotioninJoy is a small an useful tool to connect Play station controllers (Dual Shock 3 or Sixaxis) with Windows based computers.

So, i've always used DS3 Tool to connect my PS3 controller to my computer. Since today this program gives not only me, but a friend of mine. It would come in the form of a mod or hack, no game officially supports the PS3 controller or you wouldn't need motioninjoy to make it work. Don't throw your old PS3 DualShock3 controller yet! Here's an easy and safe how to use a PS3 controller on a PC guide for you.