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ARSLOID (アルスロイド) is a Japanese VOCALOID that was developed and distributed by the YAMAHA Corporation, in collaboration with UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN. He is voiced by Akira Kano, a member of the Japanese odorite group ARSMAGNA. ARSLOID is the VOCALOID representation of Kano. ARSLOID VOCALOID4 On June 16, , it was revealed that a member of ARSMAGNA, Akira Kano (神生アキラ), would be made into a VOCALOID along with. VOCALOID Voicebank created based on the voice of Akira Kano, a member of the D cosplay dance unit "ARSMAGNA" Faithfully reproduce the unique singing voice of Akira Kano. This product includes two "Extension Voice Banks", which allow you to create singing voices with even more.

Arsloid (アルスロイド), is a Vocaloid 4 vocal synthesizer. The sampled voice was Kano Akira, a member of the Japanese odorite group Arsmagna. Arsloid is a male voicebank released by Yamaha and UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN in September for the. He has a unique type of voice energetic and expressive, i love when he sings fast paced songs!!!! OTHER INFO. ARSLOID (アルスロイド) is a Japanese.