Cs sniper crosshair download

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Cs sniper crosshair

Толщина перекрестия снайперского прицела Изменение толщины перекрестия снайперского прицела консольной. Is there a command to change the scope thickness on the AWP and scout? thanks in advance Brasil Game Cup CS:GO Feminino - Fin. AWP w/ Crosshair?? CS:GO. Portugal chuckyloniah. i dont know if anyone else noticed, but awp has crosshair. i dont know i did it, but i have.

The only way it (the crosshair) will benefit the sniper rifle is short you may see an unzoomed crosshair for AWP's, however modifying CS to. But there's One command (And I hope they never take this out) That enables you to have your crosshair on with Snipers and Knifes, basically. Especially useful for CS:GO developers and for creating configs, autoexec, buy binds Dumps the names and values of this entity's script scope to the console.

This tool can turn on/off a special no-zoom crosshair, which is available for all sniper weapons in CS (same crosshair as for all weapons, from now also for.